The NEJSDS welcome submissions including (but not limited to) the following types.

  • Methodology Article: Novel statistical, analytical, computational and data management/manipulation methods.
  • Case Studies, Applications and Practice Article: Innovative applications of existing methods and practices in real-life studies.
  • Timely Review Article: Review and summary of notable developments in quantitative methods, software, data management, and other noteworthy aspects.
  • Commentaries and Historical Perspectives: Perspectives of important research topics and historical notes.
  • Software Tutorials and Reviews: Educational notes on the step-by-step use of new software packages and insightful comments and suggestions about their pros and cons.
  • The journal currently has the following sections:

    Engineering Science

    Editor: Feng Guo (, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


    Editor: Moinak Bhaduri (, Bentley University


    Editor: Haim Bar (, University of Connecticut

    Statistical Methodology

    Editor: Grace Yi (, Western University