To Authors

Please specify in your cover letter to which section you are submitting your work. If the section is not specified, the Editor-in-Chief will assign a section for the article. Once the article is assigned to a section, the Section Editor will handle the review process and make the final decision on the article. Details of all sections are available here.

Submit your paper at:

Authors can choose one of the following two tracks:

  • Track I: For authors who choose this track, the article will be handled using the traditional review process. That is, an editor will assign the articles to an AE and anonymous review reports are solicitated. In addition, authors are encouraged to suggest reviewers of their articles for the traditional review process.
  • Track II: This track allows authors’ involvement in the reviewing process. In this track, authors can solicitate review reports (or scientific feedback) of their article and share the reports with our editorial board. The final decision on the article will be based on the reports solicited by the authors and also additional reports solicitated by the editorial board. See the description of Innovative Review Process.

Note: The open review site for Track II is currently being developed in collaboration with (R1) and will open in the near future. Before the R1-NEJSDS submission site is open and you would like to choose Track II, please submit your article at and upload the reports that you have solicited as supplementary materials when you submit your article. Please indicate your choice of Track II in your cover letter, and include verifiable contact information of those open reviewers that you invited.

NESS is committed to providing high-quality peer-reviewed formal publication. The accepted articles will be formally indexed and receive publication volume, column, and page numbers. Additionally, articles will be published on-line with an option of having it printed in hard-copy at an extra cost.

Additional Information

A LaTeX template is available here or on overleaf. Although not required, authors are encouraged to use this template for the initial submission. If a paper is accepted, the authors must submit their final version of the main paper using this LaTeX template. Otherwise, the authors will be billed for the additional typesetting costs. Supplements should be separated from the main paper and they do not have to use this template.

If a paper is accepted, the following forms need to be signed and sent to the journal along with the source files: Pre-Publication Author Disclosure Form and Copyright Transfer Form.